A simplified step by step process on how to get government funding for telehealth for your organization.

On March 31st, the Federal Communications Commission adopted the Keep Americans Connected Initiative approving $200 million in funding to advance telehealth programs as appropriated by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. This initiative supports healthcare providers responding to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic aiding purchases for telecommunications services, information services, broadband connectivity, and devices necessary to providing telehealth services.

Note: The COVID-19 Telehealth Program is limited to nonprofit and public eligible health care providers that fall within the categories of health care providers in section 254(h)(7)(B) of Telecommunications Act of 1996.

We understand that this application process for the Keep America Connected Initiative can be confusing, that's why we've outlined a simplified step by step process to how to get government funding for telehealth for your organization.
Prior to filling out the online Keep America Connected Initiative application, your organization must:  

  • Acquire an FCC Registration Number (FRN) from the Commission Registration System (CORES), as well as a CORES username and password.
  • Obtain an eligibility determination from the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) by filing FCC Form 460 through My Portal on USAC's webpage. 
  • Register with the federal System for Award Management (SAM)

After you have completed these three steps, you can now submit you application using the online application portal.
Once you have submitted your application, the FCC will review it for consideration and reach out if they need any further information. If you have any additional questions about the application, contact TelehealthApplicationSupport@fcc.gov. Any other questions not specifically about the application should be directed to EmergencyTelehealthSupport@fcc.gov.

Following your organization's approval and purchasing of eligible services and/or connected devices, you must monthly, complete both of the following steps to receive a reimbursement from the FCC.

  • Invoice the FCC for services and/or connected devices eligible for COVID-19 Telehealth Program funding by using the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Bureau of the Fiscal Service Invoice Processing Platform (IPP).
  • Upload all the following documents as "Attachments" to their invoice submission in the IPP:
  • A completed COVID-19 Telehealth Program Request for Reimbursement Form.
  • Supporting documents that identify the eligible services and/or connected devices purchased, received, and price paid (e.g., invoices, vendor and service provider quotes identifying the costs, or other similar information and actual documentation of payment).

Note: Consortium funding recipients also must submit a letter from participating eligible healthcare providers authorizing the funding recipient to receive funding on their behalf.

For more information on eligible services and devices, read the FCC's Eligible Devices and Services Section listed in their FAQs.

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