Our Commitment As We Navigate COVID-19

Protecting what matters is part of Stericycle’s daily mission, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, this includes protecting our clients’ ability to provide timely patient communication and engagement during this rapidly evolving global health crisis. We stand ready to help with:


Dedicated COVID-19 Hotlines

Provide dedicated hotlines for patient, caregiver, and staff questions without placing increased burden on your internal resources. Our courteous and professional multi-lingual agents are available to communicate with callers and provide information in their preferred language.

On Demand Text-to-Speech and Text Communications

Send broadcast COVID-19 related updates to patients and staff via text-to-speech and text messages at a moment's notice. Updates can include clinic closures, changes to hours of operation, preventative measures, policy updates and more. You can also educate specific patient groups such as those who are scheduled for an upcoming appointment or who are at an increased risk for complications.


Online Scheduling for Pop-Up Screening & Testing Clinics

Utilize online scheduling services to reduce the amount of time patients spend waiting in line at screening and testing clinics as well as streamline the process by providing detailed appointment instructions during scheduling.

Live Voice Outreach to Higher Risk Populations

Leverage our courteous and professional agents to reach out to higher risk patients, help them better understand disease management during the COVID-19 pandemic, and keep them updated on any additional measures they need to take.  Outbound live voice communications can also be used to provide continual communication with COVID-19 confirmed patients in self-isolation and quarantine.


COVID-19 FAQ Chat Services

Address frequently asked questions from website visitors through online chat without placing increased burden on your internal resources.

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Post-Discharge Follow-Up for COVID-19 and Other Patients

Conduct post-discharge calls to follow up with patients who were diagnosed with Coronavirus or other illnesses without placing increased burden on your staff.  Calls are made within 24 to 48 hours to answer questions patients may have regarding their post-discharge instructions, medications, and care plans.


Telehealth Scheduling, Reminders, & Support

Utilize our online and live voice scheduling solutions to reschedule in-person appointments, classes, and events to virtual telehealth appointments. Remind patients of their upcoming appointment, educational class, or event with text and voice reminders. Leverage our agents to provide technical support to patients who are new to teleconferencing.

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In these difficult times, we're here to make things easier. Let us take care of your patient communications while you take care of your patients