Provide Online and Live Voice Scheduling for Telehealth Appointments, Classes, and Events

During this rapidly evolving global health crisis, many of your scheduled in-person appointments, classes, and events are now considered nonessential and are either being canceled or moved online to a virtual setting. With our telehealth solutions, we can help you schedule, reschedule, remind, and support patients as they prepare for a virtual visit in as little as 24 to 48 hours.


On March 31st, the Federal Communications Commission adopted the Keep Americans Connected Initiative approving $200 million in funding to advance telehealth programs as appropriated by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. This initiative supports healthcare providers responding to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic aiding purchases for telecommunications, broadband connectivity, and devices necessary to providing telehealth services. Click here to learn how to apply for telehealth funding through the Keep Americans Connected Initiative.


Schedule Appointments Online

Allow patients to schedule telehealth appointments online. Patients can schedule a telehealth appointment in an available timeslot that fits their schedule, while your organization avoids the costly hassle and extra burden of cancelling or rescheduling appointments.

Schedule Appointments Via Live Voice

Leverage our agents to schedule telehealth appointments by phone. Our agents provide outbound calls to your patients to convert in-office appointments to telehealth appointments, We help keep your schedules filled while you focus on patient care.




Schedule Virtual Classes and Events

Rather than cancel classes and events, provide participants with the ability to register and attended educational sessions online. If the virtual event or class requires an individualized link to participate, we can accommodate that as well.

Send Reminders

Remind patients of their upcoming telehealth appointment or virtual event or class with text, email or voice reminders. Inform patients on what to expect, how to prepare, and what to bring.


Provide Support

Provide support for patients that are new to teleconferencing and the technology it requires, including patient portal support. Our agents can call patients 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment or class to make sure their teleconferencing line is working correctly and answer any technical questions they may have.

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In these difficult times, we're here to make things easier. Let us take care of your patient communications while you take care of your patients.