Access on Demand Text and Text-to-Speech Communications With Message Broadcast

We recognize your patient communication needs are evolving rapidly due to COVID-19, and we’re here to help however we can. With Message Broadcast you can send COVID-19 updates to patients and employees via text-to-voice and text messages.

Text and Text-to-Speech Messages

Create and send text and text-to-speech messages to your staff and patients on demand through the self-service portal.


Search and Send Within Your Schedule, or Upload a List

Search your schedule to send messages to patients currently booked and upload unique contact lists for patients and staff.




Build Custom Messages

Build custom text and text-to-voice messages, including tokenized personalizations like patient name.


Schedule Sends or Send Immediately

Build and schedule multiple messages or send messages immediately.


Test, Review and Send

Ensure your messages say exactly what you want by testing and reviewing them before sending.

Message Broadcast in Six Steps

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In these difficult times, we're here to make things easier. Let us take care of your patient communications while you take care of your patients.