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3 Benefits Of Using Natural Language
Processing In Patient Outreach

... AI enables a machine response in real-time to the most frequently asked questions to meet the growing needs of patient outreach...

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Integrating New Processes in Order to Relay Health Information More Accurately to Patients in Health Systems, Plans

What are some of the major challenges in communicating with patients across various demographics and needs ...


Optimize patient outreach and communication in the channel that drives patient action.


Automated Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows with personalized reminders for appointments, classes, events, bill payment, and more.

info sharing

Information Sharing

Use text short codes to share helpful information with patients and families during the hospital stay such as cafeteria menu, visiting hours, navigation, and more.

message broadcast

Message Broadcast

Easily send push notifications and alerts to a larger group of patients for weather closures, road construction, operational hours updates, and more.


Patient Marketing

Share news and important promotions such as new classes, events, annual flu shot availability, and more.

employee communications

Employee Communications

Engage team members and potential new talent through regular updates and proactive outreach for orientation, schedules, emergency planning, and more.


Visit Instructions

Prepare patients with visit instructions before arrival to ensure a successful appointment that doesn’t need to be rescheduled.

patient wellness communications

Patient Wellness Communications

Manage patient population health and measure patients’ physical and mental states, as well as proactively send health messages for physicals, follow-up appointments, and tests.

referral management

Referral Management

Call, text, or email patients to let them know that they’ve been referred to your office and encourage them to schedule their appointment.

virtual waiting rooms

Virtual Waiting Rooms

Promote social distancing for patients on arrival while keeping patients and providers connected throughout the visit with interactive texting and short code replies.


Preventative Care Reminders

Remind patients of the next step in their care journey with preventative care messaging and text links to schedule online.


Patient Balance Notifications

Automatically remind patients of outstanding payments or past due balances with quick links to pay online or call the finance department.


Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Capture post-visit patient experience to improve processes and boost satisfaction.

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tailored patient communications

Tailored Patient Outreach

Customize your communications based on demographics, medical history, patient preference, appointment type, location, cost, and more.


Natural Language Processing

AI-powered automated patient communications interpret what patients are asking and reply in real-time to reduce staff workload.


Appointment Itineraries

Bundle multiple upcoming reminders into a single communication to prevent message overload.


Multilingual Support

Communicate with patients in their preferred language to improve patient satisfaction and adherence.

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Interactive Texting

Keep patients and providers connected throughout the care journey with interactive texting through text replies (‘C’ to confirm, ‘R’ to reschedule, etc.), outbound IVR, and short code replies.


Automated SMS Messaging

24/7 interactive patient outreach and messaging that responds to patient inquiries in real-time, providing faster response time with intelligence built on years of patient interaction data.


Pre-Emptive Failover

Determine whether a phone number is SMS capable and switch to other channels prior to failed attempt.


Broadcast Messaging

Communicate important information such as weather-related delays, doctor unavailability, and wellness initiatives to large audiences quickly. 


Multi-Channel Communication

Engage patients and boost satisfaction across multiple channels with interactive voice reminders, email, and text messages.


Suppress On Confirm

Increase patient satisfaction by stopping reminder messaging once a patient confirms their appointment details.


Rapid Retry on Busy

If our system hits a busy signal it will continue to call the patient until a connection is made.


Live Voice Support

Warm transfer to an internal call center or a Stericycle agent.

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