Turn Your ED into a Profit Center

turn your ed into a profit center webinar

The emergency department (ED) is often thought to be more of a cost center, while surgery and specialties drive revenue for a health system. But does it have to be that way?

The ED presents a unique opportunity to create a positive first impression, as it is normally the patient’s initial experience with a health system.

In fact, 40 percent of ED patients are new to the health system and 70 percent of hospital admits now pass through the ED.

Learn more about how through technology your health system can create a positive patient experience and effective post-emergency follow-up that can turn your ED into the primary source of hospital growth in 2021.



Aaron Patzer

CEO & Co-Founder of Vital

doctor justin schrager

Dr. Justin Schrager, MD, MPH

CMO & Co-Founder of Vital


Stefani Martuscello

Manager of Strategic Alliances at Stericycle Communication Solutions